Drone school to meet the needs of prospective drone pilots in Indonesia, both for the state security sector and civilian needs.

By educating the use of drones and honing technical flight skills properly and correctly, PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT) also aims to produce quality UAV pilots for national defense who can maximize advanced technology with the application according to their capacity, as well as provide training and certification according to standards for civic needs.

PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT) drone school has 3 training classes, namely Basic, Captain and Instructor classes. These three classes have different standards.

Training Class


  • The material taught is how to control drones and their safety aspects, so that students can become good drone pilots.


  • Includes all safety materials using drones, manual drone control, and the introduction of the Ground Control System (GCS) to control drones.


  • Established to meet the training needs of drone pilots who want to become trainers for aspiring drone pilots. The training material provided is adjusted and refers to the standards that have been made by domestic and international regulations.