PT Famindo Inovasi Teknologi

Famindo Group is a company that has established good cooperation with The Indonesian National Armed Forces Headquarters, Indonesian National Police, The National Search and Rescue Agency and State Intelligence Agency. One of the companies owned by the Famindo Group is PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT), a company engaged in drone technology and continues to innovate further in the drone sector.

The development of drone technology in Indonesia is currently still rare, due to the lack of technological support, as well as education on the use of drones by manufacturers and developers. Therefore, drone consumers in Indonesia are still very few and prefer to use drones produced by foreign technology.

PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT) has a vision and mission to become a Developer, Architecture, Education Center, and Vendor after sales of UAV (unmanned aircraft) and Drones in Indonesia to accommodate all drone needs from all sectors. In addition, PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT) also helps advance the development of drones in Indonesia for various business levels.

Drones produced by PT Famindo Innovation Teknologi (PT FIT) are made in environmentally friendly factories, and are supported by technology and standards that have been accredited, both at the National and International levels. The manufacturing process of each product goes through 3 dynamic stages (Design, Assembly and Testing) that prioritizes detail, as well as the perfection of every series in the UAV (unmanned aircraft) system.

Design, at this stage PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT) applies an ergonomically and efficiently appropriate design.

Assembling, PT Famindo Innovation Technology (PT FIT) assembles each printed material and performs modeling.

Testing, at this stage PT Famindo Innovation Teknologi (PT FIT) conducts precise trials on products, by prioritizing the best materials for various classes of UAV (unmanned aircraft), with expectations of weather resistance, function and safety.


Becoming the Best Drone Manufacturer in Asia.


• Advancing the nation’s work.
• Accommodating the diverse needs of drones from various needs.
• Increasing TKDN elements (Domestic Component Level) according to government directives.
• Becoming the best drone after-sales center for various types of drones.

Julius Agus Salim

Entrepreneur | Founder | Executive Chairman

With more than 13 years of professional experience in technology and business. Julius A.S. is a leader who has dynamic and visionary thinking in driving the company’s revenue growth and the welfare of its employees.

Currently, he runs several businesses ranging from IT solutions, drone manufacturing, hospitality and tourism, trading as well as mining. In addition, Julius A.S. has managed and led more than 1500+ employees to increase revenue, increase efficiency and lower costs through organizational restructuring.


  • Bachelor Hospitality and Tourism (Graduated from Blue Mountains Hotel School, Australia)
  • Master of Commerce Business (Graduated from New England University)
  • Master of Law (Graduated from Tanjung Pura University, Indonesia)


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